Thursday, May 14, 2009

"The things i want to do with my family!"

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It has been sometimes since we did some outing as a family .
i really miss those days.
The days when we get to mingled and joke around.
Since so much had happen in our family lately .
We had little or no time to be together .

And further more the economic is looking more bleak .
With company retrenching workers .
So dad has to put in more time at work .
I know u kids seldom get to see dad home early .
But mum hope u kids do understand that we really love u .
And mum also wish just like u to have dad spent at least one whole day with us.
But time are hard .
So do money.
That is why we have to cut down the privilege spent on the outing .
As the money resource should be better off save aside for more important things in daily life .
Even now dad has to do extra time at work so as we had more at the end of the month .
Sadly to say this year there will be no outing for you kids during the coming school holidays .
Or maybe we could go to the nearest playground or the park . ( since it is free )

Mum know that it has been a while since you kids been pestering us the "parents" to take all of you on the Singapore Flyer and also the River Cruise( so xciting ) but since the ticket is a bit pricey for us ( well four kids plus mum and dad that will be seven not including grandpa )
So i think the ride on the Singapore Flyer Or the River Cruise has to be delay :(

But cheer up kids ,
Who knows ,
We may win the tickets to one of the Singapore attraction .
So kids why not we plan in advanced for our " Family Day Out " : )

And while we are planning our " Family day out " why don't you all too,

“Start planning for your own Family Day Out on 30 May 2009! Visit!” : D


atty's said...

hi cybermummy..sehat ke..

Cybermummy said...

Atty : sihat sesangat ni atty ...
Tu yang bertambah berat badan
ni ..Atty sihat jugak ke ..

Otak Belacan said...

Hi Cybermummy!

Are u by any chance a singtel user?

If u are, singtel gives first 500 free rides on the Singapore Flyer to Singtel subscribers on weekends and public holiday. :)

Cybermummy said...

Otak belacan : nope i tak guna singtel ...i'm starhub user yang haprak ..huhuhu..
500 free ride ke dik ..adoii !! by the time i sampai ngan anak2 yang deret2 ni ..i rasa ride semua dah taken :P

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