Monday, October 26, 2009

After i turn 33 ~

Hi friends , lama betul saya tak update .
Actually saya ni agak kemalasan sikit .
Sejak akhir-akhir ni badan rasa macam tak berapa best .
Kepala asyik pening saja .
Maybe the weather is too hot . 

The previous entry ,
I received some Birthday wish from u guys .
Thank you so much .
I heart all of u .

And to " pak karamu" terima kasih sebab sudi singgah .

So today , i wish to update my blog .
Since my mood rajin is here :D

On my birthday , tak ada celebration or what so ever.
Since my hubby sangat lah buzy with work .
I felt a bit sad but the kids cheer me up .
And of course with their usual mischief . 
I heart them so much :D

Last week end that is on Sunday to be precise .
Hubby bawa saya pergi " Dating "  :D
Left the kids with my mum .
At first we just could not decide where to go .
Wanted to go to IMM because 
i wanted to try the food at  " Secret Recipe "
But at last we went to "Jurong Point " instead .

OMG ... Jurong Point had become so BIGGGGGGG .
They had extend the shopping complex
and plus they had more shops and eateries there .
So off we went shop hunting and also food hunting .

At first wanted to eat at the fast food restaurant .
But then we were like arghhhh !!! Fast food restaurant aja . Jelak lerrr .
So tawaf shopping complex tu lagi
and we saw Fig & Olive Restaurant .
We decide to try the Mediterranean food :D 
Nak feeling - feeling konon nya kita orang ni kat negeri arab :P

Ehhh !!! tak clear pulak ...
Kasi zoom sikit :D

Haaa !!! Baru clear :D

Ok , lepas dah tengok menu .
I ordered Black pepper steak .
Hubby pulak order fish and chips .
And for drinks we had root beer.

While waiting for our food ,
Kita pose dulu :D

Here's hubby pic with the ala-ala "James Bond " pose :P

Ehhh !! tengok apa tu ?
Ada minah jambu lalu ke ?
Amboi tengok sampai teleng-teleng kepala macam tu  . grrrrrrrrr !!!! : D

The food came about fifteen minutes later .
Very fast and efficient : D

So here is my Black Pepper Steak . Nyummm ! Nyumm ! : D

And this is hubby Fish And Chips .
Apa daaa . Makan kat Fig and Olive pun nak makan fish and chips .
My hubby ni kan tak suka cuba makanan yg dia tak pernah makan .
Dia ni very the hati - hati  .
Not the adventures type : D

Lepas makan and bayar .
We went shop hunting .
Actually we wanted to buy a new keyboard .
Keyboard yang sedia ada kat rumah tu dah rosakkk .
Walaupun umur keyboard tu baru je sebulan .
Ini adalah kerana Mikhail yang bagi rosakkk .
Dia kan macam "Mike Graver" : D
So we bought the cheapest keyboard ,
Since we know that we are going to change the keyboard in one month time : D

We also bought lyan new school shoes since her's dah koyak .
We even bought the kids wrist watch .
Beli yang murah saja .
Tak ada makna nya beli yang mahal-mahal .
Tak sampai seminggu bertabur isi perut jam tu di kerjakan oleh mikhail : D
Inilah bila dah jadi parents ,
Pergi mana pun mesti ingat nak beli -beli untuk anak-anak kan .

So dah penat berdating .
We went back , pick up the kids at my mum place and head back home .
Sampai rumah anak-anak mandi terus lepak " kong " tidooooo : D

But the surprised doesn't end there .
Hubby surprised me with this

Let's look what's inside  : D

A care bear .
Lucky care bear some more : D
Hubby knows i love to collect soft toys .
And i have a full collection of sesame street characters .
So here is my first collection of " Care Bear "
Next time bolehlah beli yang lain to complete the collection : D
Thank u so much .
Not the price of gift that counts
but the thought that you actually remembered my special day .

P/s : bang don't forget the other gift u promised : D


Nad (Otak Belacan) said...

Happy Belated Birthday Cybermummy! Sama-sama october babies rupanya! hehehehe.

Ya! Jurong Pt is damn huge! Nadh belom pegi lagi since its renovation.. Hehehe. Tengok tempat tu aje dah penat, macam mana? :p

PS: Can I have ur email add?

♥cybermummy♥ said...

hahaha!!! thanks nad . by the way i had given my email add at your comment box at ur page :D

MaMaSyAzA said...

amboi fish n chips sedap pun camtu gak..kalo g restoran memana jarang cuba sesuatu yg baru...yg menjadi pilihan tetap fish n chips gak...
amboi bestnya dapat carebear tu...tunjuk la koleksi sesame street tu...mesti best

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Cyber mummy, I was at Marina's place noticed your callsign and busybody over.
Love your sense of humour.
Many happy returns to you....age is just a number. What and how you feel in your heart counts.

A birthday is just another 365 day trip around the sun, so enjoy the trip.

I like you, "Teacher,Cleaner,Chef,Driver,Social worker,Banker cum Atm Machine = Mother".
Ha ha...wayyyyy to go!

You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

Uncle Lee said...

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Its our Canadian made TV sitcom, produced and directed by a Muslim lady, and its pechah perut hilarious.
Its more popular than most other series here, as well watched by Americans, they love it.

Its about the misunderstandings betweenMuslims and non-Muslims....and the show is poking fun at themselves and each other, take a look.
Best regards, and go polish your dancing shoes, Lee.

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