Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Time out ~

Well i guess this will be the busiest month of all .
The kids will be having their end of year exam pretty soon .
So revision time will be done double then before .
Less time for me to tend to my farm at Facebook .

Maybe get to read my lovely friends blog only at night ( if i still have the energy )
But and additional to my" panda look "
I always have difficulties in sleeping when ever my kids exam is around the corner.
I feel that i had not done enough for them .
Afraid that they may not be able to do well cause i have not been doing more revision with them then i should have .

Haizzz !!! When will all this be over ???
Answer for the question above is "I have to wait long long and long enough till they are all married and out of my house"

Ok , i'm out of here .
See u all again soon .
Ta-ta ~


MaMaSyAzA said...

betul..kalo anak2 nak exam kita yg susah hati..samalah mcm daku. bebudak ni bukannya depa nak kisah sgt kalo nak exam..small matter for them..tapi bagi kita..risau dibuatnya....ramai kanak2 sekrg yg bijak pandai...terpaksa berlawan antara satu sama lain utk menduduki tpt teratas..

Precious said...

Yup ... still fresh dlm memori bila anak2 nak periksa, kita yg kelam kabut ... tp now that sumernya dah besar2, agaknya I ni dah biasa kot. Periksa ke hape ke, pandai2 ko ler ...

♥cybermummy♥ said...

Precious : Kalau anak2 pandai bagi masa tak pe kan . Tapi anak2 yg masih lower primary ni masih perlukan kita punya guidance and also bebel baru lah nak buat ulang kaji ... hehheee

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