Thursday, October 29, 2009

What ?? Oh! sory i forgot .....its not clear

Hi friends ,
I hope the week has been great for all of u .

Firstly , I would like to thank all of u for the comment for the last entry .
Otak belacan : i had given what u wanted . : D
Mamasyaza : Insyallah ,i will post an entry on my full collection
sesame street characters collection but first i have to take it out
from the dust bag stored in my almost full store room .
Uncle lee : thank u for dropping by and do drop by again
if u have the spare time : D

Ok today i would like to talk about something that has been bothering me .
Well , the stories start like this .
One fine day , as usual i was cleaning the house
and u know how tiring it is to clean up a house
that has been messed by four little rascal that are more like the
'tasmanian devil' character in the' loony tunes '
I started with the kids room since that room need a lot of attention . *sigh*
So after i had finished the chores ,
i proceed to the kitchen ( another disaster area after every meal ).
After an hour of scrubbing and  washing , the kitchen is clean .
Then i decided to take a shower before starting to cook lunch .
As i was walking towards my room , i decided to peep into the kids room
since the two little rascal is so quiet the entire time i was at the kitchen .

Herkkk argggggghhhhh !!!!!! ( should read it with emotion just like someone had a heart attack )

The room is back to the original condition .
Like i never clean it up ,
So apa lagi " i naik hantu"
I nagggg like no tomorrow
and without looking at the rascal i pick up things that are strewn all over the floor.
At the corner of my eyes i saw Israfil rummaging through his cupboard .
I started to nag at himm .
Saying to him : Israfil could u please pick those thing on the floor and stop rummaging the cupboard . Your cupboard look like a place for the 'kucing nak beranak '(my mum used to say this if she sees our room in a mess ) and blaaa blaaa blaaa .
But the weird thing is that i did not hear any respond from this " Israfil ".
And this " Israfil " is still rummaging the cupboard like nobody bussiness .
By that particular time , " my blood had go upstairs "
I just about to open my mouth to shout at this "Israfil"
When out of nowhere i heard some one saying this .

Voice : Not Israfil , not Israfil . Its Mikhail lah ibu ..
Me : Huhhh ?? ( with speed of light i turn my head to look at the person talking)
So after that conversation i soon realized  ,
The person that i nagg at is not Israfil but actually its Mikhail .
No wonder no respond from him . *Haizz*
And Israfil was actually in his grandparent room all along T T

So the question here is .
Am i getting senile .
Yelah since i could not remember my own children name

Ayooo !!! Itu kalu ... anak punya nama lupa kalu ...
pegi antar sumpit marii !!

Or .....

Am i getting short sighted .
As i can't differentiate between Israfil and Mikhail

I'm so short sighted that my lenses look like a fish bowl T T

They  just  .........

look too much alike that it's hard to differentiate
Especially when u only had a quick look at them .

So what do you think based on the stories .

1 - I'm senile
2 - I'm short sighted
3 - They look too similar ...

P/s : if the poll says that i'm senile . Abang plzzzz don't put me up at the old folks home .
I'm not ready yetttt . *Waaaaa* T T


MaMaSyAzA said...

shikeen biar betul...muka diorg kembar laks...patut la tak perasaan...relaxx...tersalah pandang tu...hehehe

atty's said...

hehehhe..apa lah ko keen ..

Cikpid said... kes berat ni kak..siap anak pon dh lupe nama..

Uncle Lee said...

Hi CyberMummy, when free drive over in your BMW to my place. Have something for you, *wink*. Have coffee first...Lee.

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