Tuesday, December 08, 2009

So disappointed : (

Yes !!!! I'm so disappointed T T
Want to know why ???

This is why : (


Well the story is not like what i magine .
It should be ...
Bella swan was so X 10 irritating at one point i felt like
leaving and not wanting to watch it anymore T T
But i stayed on just because of Edward Cullen :D

At least in the book she is not that irritating .
But , here in this movie ..
Oh!! gosh !!
I feel like slapping her face and wake her up .
Hello!!! Which guy do you prefer ?
Jacob or Edward?

At one point she wants Jacob ,
Then suddenly she change her mind and insist
of waiting for Edward .
Damn you Bella ...

Pity Edward ...
He had to endure the strong felling of smashing Jacob
face every time he kiss Bella and vice verses .

If i have a friend like Bella ,
I'm sure had slap her face like 10 times to wake her up .
Make up your mind you B***H ..

Sighh !! i'm so pissed offf .
And one more thing to add.
Jacob body was like ..
Woww !!! Superb .  Muscular but not that brawny like
those weight lifter and he look so good with his short hair .

But no matter what ,
No one can beat my Edward Cullen .
Those crocked smile and piercing eyes ....
Hmmm ...

Oppss !! terlebih sudah :p

Ok lah thats all i have to write about my disappointment.
I think i should just stick to the book .
Much more better then watching the movie .

Ta - ta ~

P/s abang  : U  know that u are always here deep in my heart .
Edward cullen is deep in my kidney : p hehhee.


Sulela said...

cybermummy, ending dia apa ekkk? Tak suka la tengok wayang tapi nak tahu ending dia...Bella dengan Edward or Jacob? hehehe

Cikpid said...

Hahahhaa..lawak laa kak edward deep in your kidney..

alaa kak..kobar2 nk tgk wyg,n akaknye review buat rs lagi nk tgk..nk rs perasaan geram tu.. :)

♥cybermummy♥ said...

Sulela - ofcourse lah Edward . tapi cian kat jacob . He was left high and dry je ... Keringggg !!!! ;D

♥cybermummy♥ said...

Pid - The next important organ selain heart dalam badan ialah Kidney .Kalau tak de kidney cam mana badan nak process segala toxic :p
Pegi lah tengok pid . Lepas tengok gi check high blodd tengok ada up ke tak . kehh!! kehh !!

nza said...

mcm best je bunyinya tu...nnti nk tgk gak la....

♥cybermummy♥ said...

nza - gi lah tengok tapi citer dia tak sehebat bila baca bukunya. Boleh buat kita jatuh heart kat si edward cullen . so the gentlemen :D

Sulela said...

Ekekekeke...seronok betul la tengok wajah Edward tu. Terutama masa dia tak senyum...wakakaka. Saya dan adik perempuan saya sependapat...Bella tak sesuai bergandingan dengan Edward dalam filem neh...harharhar

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