Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Painful and on a sling :(

When to see the doctor yesterday.
I was told by the doctor that i have ligament tear
at my shoulder .
Given three types of pain killer .
From mild to strongest .

He gave me about two weeks to see if there's any progress.
And after that two weeks still no progress ,
Maybe i have to go under the knife .
But hopefully it won't happen .

For now i have to limit my activity and it getting into my nerve .
I'm not used to resting and not doing nothing for a long period.
Hubby took two days leave to help me .
And he will go back to work tomorrow .

Now i have to keep my arm in a arm sling .
So that i don't put to much pressure on my injured shoulder .

Haizzz... this so frustrating ....

Oh yes , one more thing .
Thank you for all your care ,concern and pray that all of u have given on the
previous entry .
I really appreciate it .
Thank you guys ...

p/s : it took so long for me to type this entry .
Since i'm using only the right hand. T_T



apa dah jadik ni shikeen, jgn buat keja berat guna tangan yg sakit tu ok...semoga cepat sembuh....jgn tinggal ubat ok

pak dogol said...

bawa berehat dulu mami..

jangan bimbang..

pak dogol akan sering ke sini..


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