Thursday, July 10, 2014

#11 Ramadhan Mubarak 2014

#11 Ramadhan.

I had some mouth ulcer due to body being too heaty as I consumed to much medicine.
Well as I have mention before I had a slip disc due to a fall and then I had wisdom tooth
surgery. Can't wait till I feel better from the fall as the tooth is annoying me. It hurts so much that
I feel like pulling it myself LOL. So made appointment last Friday. They gave me the earliest possible date. So Monday it was. The tooth was removed and 6 stitches were needed to covered the hole where the tooth used to be. And now I could not open my jaw wide . Eating is a major problem. Has not been eating well since Monday. Today for break fast I decided to make this! Plain rice porridge eat with the side dishes such as fried white anchovies, beef rendang, pounded fresh chili with dried shrimp and healthy air fried chicken. Actually I tested out my new air fryer which I bought from :)
Will blog about it soon. Inshallah.



NzA said...

terliur sudah...simple tapi menyelerakan.

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