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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thanks alot !!!

I feel happy actually .....
Because we get to go on the Singapore River Cruise for free mrgreen
And all thanks to "nuffnang"

But the only flaw is that ,
The ticket is only valid on 30thMay sad
Ialah cam kelam kabut gitu ,
Org yg ramai anak mcm saya ni ,
Perlukan lebih masa untuk plan the day for outing ,
Tapi since i already announce to my kids that i won this ticket,
All of them are xcited ...
So hubby , i need your jasa baik ,
Plzzzzzzz collect the ticket for me ....mrgreen
Alah not for me actually ...
For the kids...
If they are happy so am i ...mrgreen

So once again thanks nuffnang ....

P/s : Kalau memang ticket to watch Hanna Montana mau melonjak anak dara saya tu ...
She is a Hanna Montana Die hard fans .... mrgreen

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