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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Near death xperience ~

Pernah tak u all lalui near death xccident .
Atau anything lah yg pada masa tu maut je yg ada depan mata .

I had one xperience yg sampai skrg masih ada rasa takut ( phobia )
It happen pada taun 2006 .
Pregnant with my last child .
And that time we were doing some last minute grocery shopping for my second son birthday party.

We had just finish doing some grocery shopping and was on the way to a nearby shopping center.
To reached the shopping center we had to cross a two way lane rd .
So masa kita cross tu it was red light lah so kete semua berhenti so hubby was pushing the shopping trolley and together with my daughter while i was pushing a stroller together with my second son .

The first lane we manage to cross without any problem . Then kita kena naik kat penghadang jln and cross another lane towards the street across where the shopping center is .
Sekali waktu nak turun penghadang jln tu my son stroller wheel tersangkut kat batu tu and since i was pushing the stroller a bit to hard we both fell face first towards the ground. And this happen while the traffic is now starting to move ( nasib baik traffic light to jauh dari tempat yg kita org cross )
All this while hubby i dah selamat cross the rd . So bila dia pusing dan tengok i'm not right behind him dan nampak i ngan anak dia lying on the road . Dia tinggal kan trolley tu kat tepi jln and told my daughter to stay put there jgn ikut dia ( running and shouting orders to my daughter )
He pick me together with the stroller ( huiii !!! bila ingat balik . Saya rasa hubby saya cam ada kuasa superman) hold on to my son hand and bring us across safely .

At that point i just could not say anything . Badan dah menggigil . i was in a shock state .
My son had quite a bad cut and some scratches on his face . I two had a bad cut on my knee and elbow .
Huiiii !!! kalau ingat kan balik . It gives me goosebumps .

Kalau lah di takdir kan umur saya sampai waktu tu je . I could have died together with my third and fourth son ( yg masih dalam perut lagi )

Sampai skrg saya phobia tak mau jaywalking lagi . Kalau nak seberang jln , i make sure saya guna traffic light atau pun overheadbridge . Biar susah sikit asal selamat .

P/s : Thank You Abang for saving our lives . Kalau lah awak tak de masa tu ...
Huhuhu !!! tak leh nak bayang kan .:sigh:
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