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Thursday, August 13, 2009

How Far Would U go ~

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The word overweight has always make me have nightmare every single night without fail.
I have always been overweight since my teens .

I used to be skinny when i was little but i started to put on weight as i reached puberty.At first it was no problem being "cubby" as i was still in primary school.
When i went to secondary school the word "overweight" still does not bother me yet .
Even though sometimes i do hear some name calling from schoolmates.
But i was happy with my body then .

Things start to change one faithful day .
My dad , My very very own dad says that i'm "fat" and i need to lose weight.
How do u feel if you dad happen to say those mean words to you ?
At that point i was devastated .
I thought that parent are supposed to be supportive towards their children .
But no no no , my dad just went whammm!! and bammmm !! just like that without considering my feeling .

And this is when my battle towards dieting to lose weight began .
I still remembered vividly on how i start my day with my crazy regiment .
Starting from that faithful day , I didn't touch any rice but only eat apples .
Apples for breakfast , apples for lunch and more apples for dinner.
And i "work out" basically everyday , every hour and every minute .
There is time when i just suddenly throw away whatever i was eating and start to work out as i felt that i had eaten to much and the fats are starting to stick to my skin .
And i could visualized in my mind on how the fats are racing towards sticking themselves to my skin . I was sick in the brain and i know it .
But i do nothing about it cause i'm desperate to be skinny .
And within one month i lost 15 kg .
Oh!! Boy !!! i was on cloud nine .
But the joy does not last long cause i felt sick most of the time .
I could not eat . Every time i try to put food into my mouth i would vomit .
I also could not stop exercising and i would start doing the exercise just after i finished my meal . Everytime i felt that i need a break from all those regiment i will feel guilty ,then i will start to imagine becoming fat like i used to be . I felt pressured and sad .
But i had no one to talk to. Where as , my dad was proud that i lost weight .
He was beaming with pride whenever any of my relatives that we meet point out that i lost a lot of weight .
But too bad he doesn't know how much i had suffered because of his " Insult ".
Because of his " wants " for me to be skinny .
Some times i think that i could do better if he just put in some words or action as a moral support instead of "insulting" me like that .

I managed to maintain my weight and all the crazy regiment until i meet my hubby .
With my hubby i could just be myself . He doesn't care if i'm fat or not .
Whenever i meet him for our regular date , we always end up going to the fast food restaurant . But he is someone who could just eat anything and does not put on weight or maybe he did put on weight but all those weight could not be seen . All are well hidden in his body . Unlike me , I may only put one weight lets say 2kg and all those fats are well shown all over my body . I tried my very best to control my weight but still the weight keep piling up and i'm back to "cubby" again . I was devastated , i tried the same old way again but the weight doesn't seem to budge and on my wedding day i was " cubby " aka " fat "

I become much more worst then before after giving birth to my first born . I was at 78kg . But lucky i breast feed my baby . So i lost quite a bit of weight in six month . While struggling to lose weight , i got pregnant again and all this happen within one year .This time round i put on 2x of weight then my first pregnancy and losing weight after this pregnancy was not easy .
Maybe the "fats" had toughen OR factor of "age" .
People says that the more older u get the more difficult it is for your to lose weight . I was sad and i nearly slip into depression . But i was grateful cause hubby was there to give me moral support . Never once he ever mention about my " Fattiness " .

But me being like any women , we tend to dream about being skinny and beautiful so the weight issue is always in my mind .
And now after having four kids , i still had troubled with my weight . Some day i will lose some "kg" but most other days i just put on .
Now as i grow older , i feel that i'm more emotionally unstable when it comes to the issue of my weight . I had tried all kind of diet treatment or supplement and it seems that all those could not help me lose my "weight" .
The fatty and cellulite are determine to stay with me

But recently things start to look positive
And u want to know why ???
Because i visit the " Cenosis website " .
And instantly , I knew that the " Cavitation Tecnology " will be able to help me melt all my fats and cellulite and turn me into a " Hotmama " With "Cavitation Tecnology from Cenosis " i really believe that my dream to be forever free of fatty tissue and cellulite will come true .

So hubby why not u help me by making an appointment for me with " Cenosis" as a support to your beloved wife for my forever weight lost mission .

And for all of u out there who are facing the same problem as i am .
Why not u also " Make an appointment with Cenosis right now and to find out how you can benefit from this wonderful technology at a special price of $33 .Just Call 7000 700 6626 or visit to make an appointment".

So girls see u there soon . Ta ta ~

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