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Saturday, November 28, 2009

حآپپي بإرتهداي. يؤئ ارأ تهرأأ نؤو (Happy Birthday !! You are three now)

28-11-2006 at 5.30 AM.
The day you were born .
Born through c-section .
And you are five weeks early .
Even though you are premature ,
But still you are the biggest baby in the neonatal ward ,
Since you are born with a normal birth weight that is 3.2kg :D

This is you . Picture taken on the day i fetch you home ,
After about two weeks in the neonatal ward .

Look how tiny you are ?
But i'm glad that you are such an easy baby to care for .
Cry only when you are wet or hungry ?

But now ...
Just look at you ..


You have grown up .
You are three today .
How times fly , "Sigh"

Next year you will start your pre-school.
A year full of adventure and also a year full of new things to
learn ,explore and discover .

So my dear Mikha ,
I pry to Allah may you will always be blessed
with good health and wealth through out your life.
And may you be a filial son to me and ayah .
Be a good muslim .
And not forgetting be a good citizen to your country .

Happy Birthday my baby boy !!!
And always remember this ,
"WE   U every second,every minute,every hour,every day,every week,
every month, every year and easy to say WE   U FOREVER "

( WE = Ibu , ayah , kakak, abang , billy , atuks , neneks ,aunties and uncles )

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