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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Duxton

The Pinnacle@Duxton has fully built .
And all the new owner had their house keys being presented to them
by our MM Lee.

Pinnacle @Duxton is a HDB Flat with a private condo style .

It is 50 storey high .
An average price for each unit is
S $486,000 for a 4—room flat
and S$590,000 for a 5—room flat .

Just u imagine the price of the flat in
5 years time .
It will be doubled . Fuhhh !! those flat owner will be millionair.
But pity the new generation .
Don't know if they could afford to buy a flat in future .


P/s : We have to work even harder so that our next generation has something to fall on .

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