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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I want Garmin-Asus G60 :D

Why i want Garmin-Asus G60 badly .
You would ask ?

Well it is because my phone are dead T T
Yup !! Am i such a pity case :(

First my long time Samsung went dead .
I could not make or received a phone call like normal .
I had to use a ear piece then i could hear the ringing sound or
the caller voice . If not none of those could be heard .

So since that phone had gone dead and
i as a FHM , could not buy a new phone with just a snap of my finger .
(but how i wish i could *sigh*)
I bought a second hand phone of a older version .
The point is i could make a phone call and send text message .
But this phone to make a fool of me .
Within two weeks , it nearly gone dead  coma .
The battery meter will show NIL ,
Even though i did not even used it the whole day .
And one more thing that make me pissed off is that ,
I could not get any reception in the house .
The caller would go * wher..ngeek..ngekk . done..ngeek ngekk *
Could not even make out what that person is talking about T T

The longtime Samsung .

The one i'm currently using .
Damn phone .
Nope damn to the person who sold me this damaged  phone T T .

 And the beautiful + stylist Garmin - Asus G60 ^o^

If i could have this Garmin - Asus ,
I would be in cloud nine : D
This Garmin-Asus G60 is awesome + stylist .
Touch screen some more :D

With this G60 ,
i could so much more .
I could surf the net .
Take a peep at Facebook .
Since G60 has
  • Quad-band 2G, tri-band 3G for voice and high-speed wireless Internet
  • Wi-Fi b/g with WPA encryption
  • Desktop web experience with full HTML browser
Isn't that cool  ;D

And one more thing ,
With this G60 ,
I could fine my way on the road better .
As it has

  •  voice-prompted, turn-by-turn directions that speaks street names
  • Optimized for automobile use with included car mount
  • One-step navigation from contacts, email and local search results
  • "Where am I?" safety feature displays your current address and nearest police, hospital and fuel services in one click
  • Pedestrian mode for in-hand navigation

Waitt waittt ,
One last thing that make this phone so special is that it has ,
Large screen with portrait and landscape view of each screen and virtual QWERTY keyboard on touchscreen . 
Cool rite :D

So hear me loud and clear,

Mr Nuffnang ,
Pretty plzzzz :D

I have been a good girl the whole year : D

P/s : So guys wish me luck !!!

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