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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Long Queueeeeee !!!!!!!!

Here comes the iPhones war .
After a long wait of nearly 18 month long .
Now consumers could purchase this iPhones at a low low price .

When it first launched ,
Singtel are the only sole distributors.
But now , practically everyone could afford to own one : D
Jangan terkejut if you see makcik - makcik dekat pasar pakai iphones .

Ok lets look at the exiciting plan for iPhones introduced by the other
two telco company .

Here's Starhub iPhone price plan .

And here is M1 iPhones price plan .

hehhee ... kesian kat mereka yang beli from Singtel .
Berbaloi kepada yang tunggu .
Walaupun lambat sikit but still untung in a long run :p

And i heard from my hubby that there is a longgggg queue at all this
participating company .

Hmmm ...
Thought of getting one since my phone dah jahanam .
But still i think not worth it since nuffnang ada buat contest .
And a chance to win a new Garmin-Asus Smart Phones .

Mana tau ada rezeki :D

So motto for today is " Biar lambat asal tak rugi " : p

Like those who bought those iPhones from Singtel .
Paid like nearly 1k++ ( pengsan ...)
Kalau tunggu lama sikit boleh bayar kurang and the extra boleh
buat shopping since sekarang banyak sale going on .

So thats all for today .
Got to go ,
need to get some inspiration to write about that new contest from Nuffnang .

Ta-ta ~

P/s : abang kalau saya tak menang that contest then i think i want that iPhones or
BL 40 from Lg : D

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