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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

So disappointed : (

Yes !!!! I'm so disappointed T T
Want to know why ???

This is why : (


Well the story is not like what i magine .
It should be ...
Bella swan was so X 10 irritating at one point i felt like
leaving and not wanting to watch it anymore T T
But i stayed on just because of Edward Cullen :D

At least in the book she is not that irritating .
But , here in this movie ..
Oh!! gosh !!
I feel like slapping her face and wake her up .
Hello!!! Which guy do you prefer ?
Jacob or Edward?

At one point she wants Jacob ,
Then suddenly she change her mind and insist
of waiting for Edward .
Damn you Bella ...

Pity Edward ...
He had to endure the strong felling of smashing Jacob
face every time he kiss Bella and vice verses .

If i have a friend like Bella ,
I'm sure had slap her face like 10 times to wake her up .
Make up your mind you B***H ..

Sighh !! i'm so pissed offf .
And one more thing to add.
Jacob body was like ..
Woww !!! Superb .  Muscular but not that brawny like
those weight lifter and he look so good with his short hair .

But no matter what ,
No one can beat my Edward Cullen .
Those crocked smile and piercing eyes ....
Hmmm ...

Oppss !! terlebih sudah :p

Ok lah thats all i have to write about my disappointment.
I think i should just stick to the book .
Much more better then watching the movie .

Ta - ta ~

P/s abang  : U  know that u are always here deep in my heart .
Edward cullen is deep in my kidney : p hehhee.

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