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Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas yg dah lapokkk ~

Hi friends ,
I'm backkk ...
So how's your holiday ?
Hope all of u did enjoy the long weekend :D

Well i did :D
Spent most of my time with the kids and hubby .
Since he was on a long holiday too .
The company he's working for is a American company ,
So cuti Chirstmas ni panjang lah sikit .

During those long holiday ,
we did some lazing around the house,
some cleaning and packing and not forgetting some shopping .
Mostly for the kids ( as usual ) ;P

Ehh !! chopp !! Did buy something for myself .
Something that i need badly .
I repeat , " something that i need not want " :D

During this kind of festive ,
Hubby usually dapat banyak hadiah and also
lots and lots of Chocolates .
Well most of the employee is Chirstian .
So biasalah they also has hubby nya christmas present ready :D

Yang tu saya tak berapa heran sangat since present yg hubby dapat
pun mostly for him lah . Macam baru2 ni dia dapat handphone holder with a
cameo prints .
Yucks !! saya sanggup guna plastik beg kecik for my phone
dari guna that handphone holder :p

Yang selalu saya rebutkan dengan anak-anak ialah
Yuppp !! Chocolates ...
Walaupun chocolates ni easily available kat supermarket,
tapi tetap tak sama dengan yang dapat freeee . hahahaa

Chocolates that hubby got from his colleague.

Dan perasmiannya ......

Nom...Nom ..Nom... :D

P/s : makan sampai sakit tekak huhuu ...

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