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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Times flies ✈✈✈✈

Well December is here again .
In 18 days time , we will say goodbye to 2009.
And usher in 2010 .

When i think about it .
I found that alot of promised that i made last year
have not been achieved.
And one that are on top of the list ,
Is to get RICH  : D  ( yeahhh !! dream on )

Second will be ,
Getting my ideal weight : )
Well i did lose about 15 kg .
But i need about 5 to 6 kg more to lose :(
All this excess fat from my last pregnancy is hard to lose .
Maybe i'm older now . ( thirty - three mind you )
So metabolism rate is getting lower .
Sigh !!!


Maybe ,
I should change my diet .
Change my routine diet of rice to only bread and instant noodle :D
I could lose weight and save money at the same time .
Just like the old saying " kill two birds with a single stone " : D
Am i genius or what !!! ( yeahhh !! rite )
kehh!! kehh !! kehhh!!

Well i decide that ,
I should stick to my old resolution .
Since last year resolution is still not achieved :D
So might as well i just recycled it ,
As i can't be bothered to make a new one : p

So what about you ? 
Have u make a new list of resolution for next year ?
You just recycled your last year not achieved resolution ?
Just like me : p

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