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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Painful and on a sling :(

When to see the doctor yesterday.
I was told by the doctor that i have ligament tear
at my shoulder .
Given three types of pain killer .
From mild to strongest .

He gave me about two weeks to see if there's any progress.
And after that two weeks still no progress ,
Maybe i have to go under the knife .
But hopefully it won't happen .

For now i have to limit my activity and it getting into my nerve .
I'm not used to resting and not doing nothing for a long period.
Hubby took two days leave to help me .
And he will go back to work tomorrow .

Now i have to keep my arm in a arm sling .
So that i don't put to much pressure on my injured shoulder .

Haizzz... this so frustrating ....

Oh yes , one more thing .
Thank you for all your care ,concern and pray that all of u have given on the
previous entry .
I really appreciate it .
Thank you guys ...

p/s : it took so long for me to type this entry .
Since i'm using only the right hand. T_T

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